The heather wells series was written by Meg Cabot and contains 5 books: Size Twelve is not fat, size 14 is not fat either, big boned, size twelve and ready to rock, and the bride wore size twelve.

   The main character, Heather Wells,is a former teen pop sensation, which ended her career due to not wanting to sing the songs her producers gave her, but her own work. The recording company didn't agree, and then decided to fire Heather. 
 Over the years , she put on a few extra pounds, and after 

her mother run away to Argentina with her life savings , she got a new job in a dormitory called Fischer Hall, which quickly became nicknamed Death Dorm, due to all the murders that took place in it.

   Heather takes an interest in them, and helps the police 

solve the said crimes.

But her love for the gorgeous PI Cooper Cartwright ( which also
happens to be her landlord and her ex's brother) 

doesn't help much,

especially when she gets in a relationship 

with her remedial maths professor, Tad Tocco...

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