Rocky Thermopolis Gianini is the maternal half-brother of Mia Thermopolis. His parents are Helen Thermopolis and Frank Gianini.

Rocky Thermopolis Gianini
Gender Male
Birth May 11th, 2001
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Residence New York City, NY (formerly)
Occupation Student

Family Frank Gianini (father, deceased)
Helen Thermopolis (mother)
Mia Thermopolis (maternal half-sister)
Mr. Gianini Sr. (paternal grandfather)
Mrs. Gianini (paternal grandmother)
Mamaw Thermopolis (maternal grandmother)
Papaw Thermopolis (maternal grandfather)
Marie Thermopolis (maternal aunt)
Hank (maternal cousin)
Unnamed Half-Niece and Nephew (via Mia)
Philippe Renaldo (step-father)
Olivia Renaldo (step-sister)
Michael Moscovitz (half-brother-in-law)

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